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ZutaCore HyperCools the Hottest Processors at 1500 Watts and Beyond at Supercomputing (SC) 2023.

Liquid cooling technologies took center stage at this month’s SC23 and at the forefront was ZutaCore’s HyperCool® technology – the only two-phase direct-on-chip ‘waterless’ solution that can move large amounts of heat off the processors and away from the servers with 100% heat re-use.  Yes, that’s right….no water needed, while also reducing power usage in the data center by 30 percent and delivering the highest sustained performance with zero throttling. How is that for achieving net zero goals?

The ZutaCore Booth Lit up the Room

ZutaCore technology was on full display throughout the show floor with live demos from some of the world’s leading server companies such as Dell Technologies, Pegatron and SuperMicro. These partners, and more, are leveraging HyperCool to cool their hottest processors of 1500 watts and above, which is critical for meeting the power demands of today's HPC, AI and ML workloads.

 Below are few photo highlights from the show:

Pegatron Servers Running Intel’s 4th GenERATION Xeon® Processors are Liquid Cooled

As shown below, ZutaCore’s HyperCool solution was demonstrated cooling some of the hottest processors in Pegatron servers. This paves for the way for Pegatron to meet the growing performance demands from computer-intensive applications with more power and costs efficiencies than they could ever have achieved previously.

Pegatron and ZutaCore’s CEO Erez Freibach point to the Pegatron server being liquid cooled with HyperCool

Dell Technologies Cools 16G Server

Another key highlight in the ZutaCore booth was Dell Technologies 16G R660 servers being cooled by HyperCool.  By adopting ZutaCore technology, Dell Technologies enables data centers to build highly dense servers and racks, efficiently using their space and power while supporting many more workloads.

Dell 16G R660 servers being cooled by HyperCool.

Boston Limited HyperCools AMD Processors on Supermicro Servers

Showcasing how HyperCool can be easily retrofitted into any server environment, Boston Limited demonstrated ZutaCore liquid cooling AMD processors on Supermicro servers. As a global systems integrator, Boston Limited has been bringing the benefits of ZutaCore to its expansive customer base, helping server companies gain 10 times more computing power while achieving 50% reduction in total cost of ownership and reduced CO2 emissions.

Boston Limited Showing off HyperCool in its own Booth

Chatsworth Products Liquid Cools up to 100kW of Rack Power

The demos highlighted above on Dell Technologies and Pegatron servers were performed in a Chatsworth Products (CPI) ZetaFrame® cabinet system. Companies such as Chatsworth have been turning to ZutaCore because its technology offers industry leading features such as a guaranteed 70°C water temperature outlet allowing 100% heat reuse inside the data center.  Leveraging these capabilities, Chatsworth Products showed how its ZetaFrame® Cabinet System (pictured below) can be waterless liquid cooled up to 20kW of rack power using the HyperCool air-based solution and 100kW when connected to facilities water.

The Secret Sauce is the liquid cooling Inside the Chatsworth Products System

Closing out the Show One Step Closer to Net Zero

With the global need to move to Net Zero by 2030, it has never been more important to reuse heat in the data center while also using less water, power and land. As ZutaCore and their partners demonstrated at SC23, this challenge is achievable with HyperCool’s waterless, liquid cooling technology. Finally, the industry has a solution that allows data centers to push the boundaries of server performance, while meeting and exceeding their sustainability, cost and power goals.

Thanks to all our customers and partners highlighted above for making SC23 such a success, as well to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) who attended the show with us. Also a big thanks to ASUS who started our SC23 momentum by announcing the week before the show that HyperCool technology was now certified for its high-performance servers.

For more information on HyperCool or to schedule a meeting with one of our executives, contact us.

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